Well here I am again, at Margaret River; an indulgent town south of Perth, in Western Australia, celebrated for its expansive wineries and impressive surf breaks. This time, I am here with a very different outlook for this trip. Well, I mean, there is a wedding too!

My purpose, this time, is to see if the monumental changes that I have made over the past 12 months are definitely what I want, and if the world of wine is truly the path that I want to be on. Does it still feel as “right” as it did when the seeds were sown, or was this all a wine giddy splendor?

I have spent the past 12 months, stepping in to the wine industry and transforming my career – it has been incredibly daunting but equally exhilarating! There is so much to learn and just when you think you have an understanding, it all changes – a different weather pattern or consumers wants/trends change, and what you thought was a foundation; shifts and a new depth to your knowledge is created.

So, I have gone back to school and have spent the last three months immersed in learning the WSET (Wine & Sprit Educational Trust – internationally recognised qualification) way. I’ve been learning about what factors influence the style, cost and production of wine, and now it’s time to see if that theory is true in the “field”.

After a mesmerising drive down from Mandurah along the old coastal road, Mum, Dad, my friend Julie (you know one of those amazing mates, who is totally prepared to “help me reach my dreams” and if that means drinking lots of wine…. well she has my back) and I reached our destination; Margaret River. There were a few beach stops along the way, we walked the Busselton Jetty and even saw Sting Rays at Hamlin Bay. But here we were, settling in to our first evening plotting our upcoming days of exploring vineyards and wineries, accompanied by a glass of sparkling to inspire us.

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