A visit to Cottesloe beach is common for those who live in and around Perth and, apparently, if I had visited a week ago I would have been blown away. Whilst wonderful, it was just far too crowded in comparison to Margaret River, and you know there was hardly anyone there right!

Freemantle has a wonderful New Orleans/Bermuda vibe to it, relaxed but with a delightful outlook. It’s a 2 hr ferry ride from Perth, but worth the experience. The prison is still open for viewing. We didn’t do the tour as the timings didn’t work for our day, but I would say you can just pop up there and read the freestanding exhibitions and still get a real feel for life there and after for convicts.

We had lunch by the beach and then dinner in town. Now let me tell you, Nunzio’s (https://www.nunzios.net.au/ ) lived up to all of its reviews. It was exceptional! I will be honest, the manager was scary but our waiter (doubt he was this side of 70) teamed with the exceptional food put this in my top 10 restaurants, ever! Add in a new grape variety, an excellent suggestion from our epic waiter, and it just sums up a superb evening.

The next day we were up early and back to Freemantle to get the Ferry over to Rottnest. We were on a mission to see the elusive Quokka, extinct everywhere else in Australia and the world. We jumped on our bikes, for a short cycle before finding a beach and opening the picnic and bottle of Rose. I mean, we did seek and see the Quokka about half way around – you know roughly 5k….. whoops! Jumping on a bike is the best way to see the island but take water with you as there are no fountains or shops around the outside of the island. The Rose went down exquisitely, and we did eventually make it to the beach. There was live music at the main bar there and more atmosphere then anywhere we had been in central Perth. Next time, I will stay overnight on the Friday as we had to make the Ferry back, but a wonderful two days all around.

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