Be Free to Dream. Dream to Be Free.

Dreams are the castles that we build high up in the sky.

Here down on earth is where we conjure our dreams into reality, till they too take the breath of life. Through our hands, our voice, our human being, like an artist to his paintbrush, we infinitely create alongside the greatest creator, Nature. Without the dream and without the creation our unique potential and contribution to life is forever lost. Be Free to Dream.

Bound by our mortality alone, we roam free to dream, manifest and create. Yet so many Dream to Be Free. If it is time alone and no other that can place a boundary around us, then why do we yearn for freedom?

What one universal place can we Be Free to Dream and Dream to Be Free? I see this place in no other but the eyes of children at play. In play, imaginations run free and creation is limitless. With sand alone, we are the King of our castle, crowned by a chain of daisies, seated in a throne of shells holding the wealth of the universe in our hands.

Why is it then that we grow to live in a world so bounded by conformity and consumed by work? When did play lose the battle against work? When did learning become work, earning a living become work and even chores (cue Mary Poppins) become work? In every job that needs to be done, can we not find in it that element of fun? Can we not create all that we dream of through play?

What if the world was our game board, our playground, our canvas? What if each move that we made was through play and not work? We would continue to learn, continue to earn, continue to collaborate as teams, lead and achieve, build and create, and even continue to complete our chores.

We were once confined to the school playground and bound by the authority of adults. But now, why cannot earth be our playing field and our conscience be our authority.

I Dream to be Free and Free to dream.

Let’s play!