“You had to be there! The camera lens just doesn’t do it justice!”, I exclaimed as I desperately tried to bring to life the magic of Tomorrowland on my phone screen to my crowd of curious friends. That was last year.

This year, I had my Spectacles! A simple click, masked by my so-called chic adjustment of the glasses frames, sets the camera rolling. Voila! Now my Snapchat friends can relive the experience, the magic, the enchantment of this global gathering in the name of One Love and Music, literally, through my eyes. With these Spectacles, my fellow Snapchatters joined me in pushing through the crowds to the Main Stage, looking in awe over the colourful crowds whilst desperately holding on sitting on dancing shoulders, and watched on mesmerized by the fireworks on closing night.

I’m finally able to capture those perfect moments without a flick of the hair, tilt of the chin, or an infamous pout from my Muse of the Snap. The curious look as they notice the spiralling lights of the Record light around the discrete camera is just an added bonus. And, they mimick the size and vaguely the style of my favourite Raybans Wayfarers (in my opinion), so there is no need to carry a second pair of sunglasses.

Spectacles, by Snap Inc, have got to be my favourite toy of 2017. I’ll definitely be snapping my way through 2018 with them. They are so simple to use, definitely do not look like you are signing up for Inspector Gadget, and are available in three colours (black, teal and coral). A protective case which is fully equipped with its own charging port makes storage and charging easy, although a little bulky for my liking. What’s great is you can charge on the go if you have a portable battery pack too. I recommend Ravpower battery packs (click here), which kept my phone and Spectacles charged through four days of festival camping.

“Capture and share the moment from your perspective”, Snap Inc

Cost: £129.99
Rating: ****
Available from: Amazon (click here) or, Snap online or, track down a Snapbot.
Watch: Youtube footage coming soon

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