For me, travelling with a purpose was, firstly, to get there (wherever “there” was), visit the top 10 attractions, tick the bucket list and, perhaps most importantly, to say, “oh yes! I’ve been there, it’s really amazing”.Last year, towards the end of a 32-day trip, that perspective shifted, dramatically.  

The purpose of this trip had been a fourfold celebration of my friends, their milestones and the world:

1. An engagement celebration in Dubai;

2. A wedding in Australia;

3. The birth of a dear friend’s first child in Oman;

4. The christening of my godson in Ireland (who is a twin just like me).

But as it turned out, the higher purpose was to fully disengage from a job that I disliked, and a career path that was going nowhere beyond the perpetual 9 to 5. Very quickly I realised that I needed a plan! Although it was “a holiday”, deep down I knew it had to be a journey, a journey with the purpose of discovering “my plan” – and boy oh boy did it deliver!

life really is a journey, one of discovery and purpose.
follow and join my journey; who knows where it may lead

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